About & FAQ

Posh&Page is a vintage shop in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in out-of-print books, including rare books, signed books, and first editions. The shop also includes clothing and accessories for vintage lovers of all genders, as well as home decor.
Items in the shop represent decades from the 1920s to the early 2000s and beyond, so there's something for everyone!

headshot of Posh&Page shop owner, Mandy Shunnarah. She's a white woman with short brown hair. She's wearing a striped shirt, gold necklace, and gold earrings, all of which are vintage.

Posh&Page was founded by Mandy Shunnarah (that's me!) in 2019.
My Great-Grandma Eunice, who I share a birthday with, grew up during the Depression and could smell a bargain from a mile away. She took me to thrift stores as a kid and I've been hooked on vintage everything ever since.
We didn't have much money growing up, so I knew I was never going to have the most fashionable clothes or be voted Best Dressed in the school yearbook. But I could create my own style and feel like my best self when I found items no one else was wearing and made something decades-old look cool again. 
Few things bring me as much joy as the thrill of finding something vintage that feels like it was meant for me. I love seeing other people find that joy too, which is what inspired me to start this shop.
Whether it's a beloved classic like a denim jacket or a truly one-of-a-kind statement necklace or an early edition of your favorite book, I want to connect you to vintage goods you'll cherish for generations to come.
Photo of Posh&Page's founder, Mandy Shunnarah. She's a white woman with short brown hair. She's standing in front of a bookshelf wearing a green blazer, striped shirt, and gold jewelry, all of which are vintage.



Where is Posh&Page based?
Columbus, Ohio! All items are shipped out of the heart-shaped state, so love is in every box. 

Where do you ship?
Anywhere in the world! I ship using USPS (the United States Postal Service), which is one of the most affordable ways to ship worldwide. However, if for some reason they won't ship to you, I'm happy to ship via UPS. I chose these shipping carriers because they both have labor unions.  

Why don't you separate clothes into men's and women's categories?
Because I want the shop to be friendly to all people of all gender expressions. I believe anybody can wear anything. If you find something you love, don't let the body it was "intended for" stop you from rocking it!

If you don't separate clothes according to men and women, how will I know if something is my size?
Measurements! I include the measurements in inches on all the clothes. It can take some getting used to, but trust me––getting acquainted with a tape measure when you're clothes shopping, whether you're buying new or vintage, will make your life sooo much easier. If you have any questions about a measurement or aren't sure how to measure yourself properly, please don't hesitate to DM the @poshandpage Instagram. I'll be happy to help!

Is the shop size-inclusive?
Yes! I'm a plus-size gal myself, so I know the struggle of finding larger vintage is real. While it is harder to find plus-size vintage clothing and vintage sizing tends to be wack (um, that 16? it fits more like a 6), I'm always on the lookout for plus-size clothes. My goal is to include plus-size items in every clothing drop because I believe vintage is for everybody.

Is the shop vegan?
While I'll never sell real fur, there are some leather shoes, belts, purses, and jackets in the shop. All leather items are clearly marked as such and there are tons of items with synthetic fibers and people-made materials, so you can absolutely find vegan items in the shop. 

Do you use recycled packing materials?
Yes! All the boxes, bubble wrap, air pillows, packing paper, and even bubble mailers I use are recycled. I'm fortunate that my neighbors and friends support my business by collecting packing materials for me so I can keep the shop's carbon footprint low. The shipping tape I use is not recycled, though I hope to be able to afford more eco-friendly tape in the future. 

Do you gift wrap items?
Since nearly all my packing materials are recycled, I'm unable to gift wrap in the traditional sense. I could wrap items in plain brown paper or newspaper, if you're into that. (I think it's pretty!) And if you'd like a handwritten card made out to the recipient of your vintage gift, I'll be happy to write one! 

Where's the Native American jewelry, Asian art, and African face masks?
Not here! I don't intentionally or knowingly sell items that are significant to historically marginalized cultures or peoples and have no desire to sell culturally appropriative items. I'm a white lady of Middle Eastern, Celtic, and European descent and want to be respectful of others. That said, I believe reading diverse books is important, so I do specifically look for vintage books written by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color. The publishing industry even today is extremely white, so while I don't find many it's always at the forefront of my mind when I'm sourcing books. 

How many employees do you have?
One. Me! P&P is a one-gal shop. I do everything from sourcing vintage goods to maintaining the website, from taking photos to providing customer service. This business is about as small business as you can get! When you buy from me, you're literally helping me keep a roof over my head and put food in my belly. 

Where do you find your items?
Everywhere. Seriously! I've gone to some strange and unexpected places on the hunt for vintage. 

Is this your full-time job?
Yes! However, I'm also a professional writer and editor. I love working for myself and being completely in charge of how I spend my day. 

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?
I would be sad, though I'd want to work something out. Please reach out to me. 

Where are your customer reviews?
On Etsy! After selling there exclusively for a year and a half with all 5-star reviews, I decided to make my own website. If you're more comfortable shopping on Etsy, you can still find the original shop there. I keep it updated with new items just like I do here. 

What if my question isn't answered here?
Send it my way and I'd love to help you out!