shop books

Posh&Page started like many great love stories: I was walking a dog.

It wasn’t even my dog.

It was my friend Sam’s dog––a Dachshund/Basset Hound mix named Gus. We’d gone to Raising Cane’s, my favorite spot to get sweet tea (a hard find in central Ohio). This Alabama gal had a craving!

We were sitting on a brick wall outside the restaurant sipping our tea when Sam asked, “In a perfect world, if you could start any business, what would it be?”

Sam has always been good at asking thoughtful questions, but she didn’t know the question she’d ask me that night would change my life.

I thought about it for a total of three seconds. “A combination bookstore and vintage clothing shop.”

The rest of the evening, I could hardly focus on anything Sam said (sorry, girl!) or how cute Gus was (which is REALLY cute) because I was thinking about old books and vintage clothes.

I thought to myself, The world will never be perfect for starting a business. So what’s stopping me?

That night, I went home and started an Etsy store.

At 2am the next morning, I woke up with the perfect name in mind.

And that’s how Posh&Page was born.